Replacement fin box for plug-in box system (slide-in) including patch & adhesive for self-assembly

Item number: 200.000.004

EAN: 4260439560803

Replacement fin box for plug-in box system (slide-in) incl. Patch and adhesive for self-assembly

This fin box is suitable as a replacement fin box to stick on.

Furthermore, this fin box is also ideal for attaching a direction-stabilizing "middle sword fin" to any standard standup paddle board (SUP). This also serves as a "drift inhibitor" if you want to upgrade the SUP to a wind SUP.

Technical (basic) knowledge to remove the old and attach (glue) this replacement fin box is required.

This fin case is suitable for standard slide-in fins

Category: SUP Accessories

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Set consisting of:

* Fin case (slide-innmodel)
* Border finishing patch (white)
* Glue tube

Step by step instructions for sticking on the fin box

• Remove the remnants of the old fin box extremely carefully with the utmost care so as not to damage the material underneath!
• Ideal processing temperature of the adhesive +15 ° C to +25 ° C
• Cleaning the places where the fin box should be attached.
• Always apply the fin box to a clean, uneven surface
• Place the fin box at the desired location and outline (mark) the location with a pencil.
• If there are several fin boxes, care should be taken to ensure that they are aligned together
• Apply a thin layer of PVC adhesive to the marked area and spread it carefully
• Also apply a thin layer of the adhesive to the underside (adhesive side) of the fin box
• Allow max. 1 minute (double-sided application) to ventilate
• Place the fin box on the marked spot.
• Hold down the fin box for a few minutes with maximum contact pressure
• Remove all glue residue
• Then the same procedure now with the fin box cover (patch)
• The air that may now form air bubbles in the patch should always be pushed out to the edge with a spoon.
• Mask the edges with adhesive tape so that they do not open when drying

    After a drying time of 24 hours (if possible let it harden with a little pressure), the fin box is resilient and ready for use

Material Safety Data Sheet - Adhesive

Product weight: 0,10 Kg
Dimensions ( length × width × height ): 23,00 × 10,00 × 1,00 cm

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