Semi - Power Ni/mH Akku 9 Ah inkl. Extra-Zusatzstecker montiert für ältere Modelle -komplett inkl. Ladegeraet - Passend für Sport Vibrations® Edition & Bravo/Scoprega Elektropumpen

Item number: 119.950.010Z

EAN: 8007405910158

New extra strong Ni_Mh battery with 10m / Ah Sport Vibrations® Edition

This special version of the NiMh battery is equipped with a pre-assembled extra plug for older pump models that still have a black plug. This battery has both the new red connector and an additional black connector installed (see picture in the gallery). This battery works with both new and all old pump models. No further modification necessary. No previous technical knowledge required

With this battery, up to 7 SUPs (depending on size and pressure requirements) can be inflated with just one battery charge.
With the nickel hybrid technology, this battery enables up to 800 charging cycles (approximately twice the number compared to lead batteries), and also reliably prevents any kind of memory effect.

This battery fits perfectly with the sport vibration 15 / 18 PSI compressor or 15 PSI turbine pumps and can be easily stored in the integrated battery compartment of the blue sport vibration bags.

Uncomplicated charging to a 22-volt socket with the supplied charger (charging time approx. 8 hours).
As soon as the battery is full, the charger switches to maintenance voltage, which reliably prevents the battery from being overcharged.

We recommend always disconnecting the connection to the pump (pantograph) when not in use to prevent deep drainage of the battery.

Suitable for Sport Vibrations® Edition & Bravo / Scoprega electric pumps with a red 12 volt connection.

Registration number: 21006427 (StMUG)

Category: SUP Pumps

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Suitable for Sport Vibrations® Edition & Bravo / Scoprega electric pumps with a red 12 volt connection.


• NiMH Rechargeable battery

• Nominal voltage: 12V
• Drive power: 9,000 mAh
• Discharge current: 25 A

• Easy connection to the pump
• Including battery charger (120 / 230V)

Registration number: 21006427 (StMUG)

Battery must not be thrown in the household waste

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