Sport Vibrations® 3 tlg.SUP Paddel 100% FullCarbon- 703 Gram Superlight - 8'5"x19' Autoklave Carbon-Handle-Antitwist - ABS Schlagschutz- without Paddle-Bag

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Sport Vibrations® SUP paddle 3 parts
Vario 100% full-carbon paddle - blade size 8‘5"x19"

High-performance, hard-wearing, very light, only 703 grams, paddle with a very good price-performance ratio.

Full-CARBON material 100% carbon

Developed for the toughest jobs with a high-quality look. The Sport Vibrations® carbon composite paddles combine high carbon performance with low weight and optimal rigidity, high-quality optics, with an almost indestructible, insensitive polypropylene paddle blade.

With Antitwist longitudinal groove in the shaft

Prevents the unwanted twisting of the paddle handle 100%, and thus always guarantees the perfect position to the paddle blade.

Produced using carbon prepreg autoclave technology

The carbon paddle handle is connected to the carbon slide-in shaft in the prepreg autoclave process to form an inseparable piece. This procedure guarantees a maximum stiff connection (handle to shaft) and connects the two parts inextricably. The paddle handle is therefore completely torsion-free, stiff and 100% free of play.

Parts produced using carbon prepreg autoclave technology are characterized by their extremely low weight and maximum load capacity.

This paddle can also optionally be ordered in the version with a 2nd paddle blade with kayak function.

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The paddle is 100% buoyant!

Non-slip grip thanks to the innovative anti-slip coating, even when the paddle is wet.

Designed with a long insertion length, this paddle is also suitable for tall people.

This paddle version can also easily be converted into a children's paddle by simply leaving the middle part off.

A pin in the lower part protects against twisting and loss of the paddle blade. An additional eccentric connector gives the paddle the necessary rigidity, which reliably minimizes rattling or creaking. This makes this paddle feel almost like a one-piece paddle. The blades of these carbon composite paddles are made of 100% carbon. These blades are extremely high-performance, and thanks to the ABS impact protection core, they are quite insensitive to stone and ground contact. The blades never absorb water and can be sharpened if they are less than 1cm damaged.

• length: max.220cm
• 29mm shaft - degree of hardness 7 - 100% carbon
• 7 degree - round / dihedral
• Uni-blade 8‘5"x 19"
• Weight: SUP paddle only 703 grams


Product weight: 0,70 Kg

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