Sport Vibrations® SV-Wing 3.7m˛ Light Technology Incl. Wrist Wing-Spiral Leash, Qualitybag, Wing-SUP Handpump

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The Sport Vibrations® SV-Wing's offer a perfect symbiosis of standup paddling, windsurfing & kitesurfing,
They are ideal wings for an easy introduction to wing surfing, and are also powerful, well-balanced wings for advanced surfers with a very wide range of uses for wing foiling.

Designed for easy, uncomplicated use with standard standup paddle boards and foil boards of all brands. For optimal "running high" with SUP boards, we recommend the SV-Wing's in combination with a SUP that has a center sword fin, such as the SV-11'5 SURF Multisport SUP, which also has foot straps for better wing surfing performance.

The integrated paddle holder allows you to take a SUP paddle with you

Included in the complete set:

SV Wing 3.7m˛
Wing-SUP hand pump (only one pump needed for Wing & SUP)
Wrist wing spiral leash length 8' 243cm thickness 6mm
SV-Wing-Bag - backpack (holds all parts completely)
Repair Kid with replacement connectors

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This 3.7m˛ SV-Wing can be used with all standard standup paddle boards, windsurf and wing SUP boards without restrictions.

Equipped with a safety window, the SV-Wing enables optimal visibility to be able to avoid obstacles on the water in good time. The security windows are made of elastic special plastic, which makes them very cold-resistant and tear-resistant.

The SV-Wings offer a huge range of use from weak winds for the first exercises to stronger winds, as the SV-Wings have a very high pressure point stability. Thanks to its well-balanced flight characteristics, the SV-Wing is always easy to control, even in gusty wind conditions.

The robust Light-Technology makes the handling of the SV-Wing very easy and really energy-saving.

A robust safety SUP valve makes it possible to use the same pump for SV-WING & SUP. It is therefore not necessary to take two different pumps with you!

SV-Wing / Wing-SUP hand pump & wrist leash can be easily stowed in the practical SV-Wing-Bag (backpack).

The SV-Wing was specially designed to achieve the ideal angle of attack to the wind almost independently in every position. This means that the SV-Wing always develops maximum propulsion, even in the most unfavorable bad wind conditions. This property always makes it possible to choose the smallest possible and therefore lightest wing variant without having to forego sufficient propulsion and thus fun.

The material was deliberately chosen to achieve maximum robustness in addition to properties such as independent finding of the wind angle of attack and maximum propulsion with a minimum wing size.

Special features / product properties

Lightweight and very robust, selectively reinforced nylon fabric

•2x safety polyethylene viewing window (heat & cold resistant)
• Wind range 5.0m˛ 5-20 ktn (knots)
• Wind range 3.7m˛ 5-25 ktn (knots)
•Robust SUP safety valve (same pump SUP & Wing possible)
•Incl. Wrist wing spiral leash length 8' 243cm thickness 6mm
•Incl. Quality Bag & Hand Pump (SUP Valve Compatible)
•Ideal for beginners / intermediates - Very good-natured flight characteristics


Product weight: 2,60 Kg

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